About Us

AboutPicSuite Time Fitness is a Texas based hospitality management company specializing in the management of corporate health / fitness and wellness centers as well as operating freestanding Health and Fitness Clubs.

In addition to offering our management and operational expertise, we are also prepared to select, layout and procure the equipment you may need to start up your new club or fitness center.

Our company also consults on a variety of disciplines within the hospitality, fitness and club industries.

The name Suite time Fitness is a play on words.  Suite meaning the corporate suite (workers in an office environment), Time denoting speed, or making the most of your time (get in a quick and effective workout due to limited time), and Fitness, the need to treat both mind and body today in hopes of receiving the benefit of prolonged life in years to come.

At Suite Time Fitness we believe in using our expertise to implement your fitness plan in a participative fashion.  We believe in getting the work done, on time, within budget and with a product result both our company’s would be proud of.


Why Suite Time Fitness?

Our company has experience opening and operating Fitness Clubs, Health and Fitness Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, Country Clubs and Spas.

Most fitness companies will specialize in one area, Fitness, which limits their ability to focus on bigger picture needs for larger employers.

At Suite Time our experiences takes us from members that have their fees entirely subsidized by their employer, to private clubs where members pay over $100,000 to join.  Yet what we found was people are still people, no matter if the membership is underwritten or highly valued, they all want service to be friendly and competent and the equipment to be safe and working and the club to be clean.


Corporate Fitness Center Management:

Many Owners, HR Vice Presidents, and Vice Presidents of Office Planning are our clients.  They have one thing in common, the need to provide on-site Fitness to their employees.  On VP stated, “I need our executives close by, let’s provide them a good top notch club that will make them want to work out here…hey we pay some of these exec’s over $200 per hour that time would be more productive in our office building and not worry about them getting injured offsite.”