Fitness Center Management

If maintaining high occupancy rates is instrumental to your building’s success, then a highly desirable fitness center that operates at peak efficiency can highlight and differentiate your amenities to current and prospective tenants.

Most companies desire to stay competitive in today’s health conscious society and want to have their own in house fitness club.

At SuiteTime Fitness Management we offer turnkey opening and operation of fitness centers to leading executive office buildings in central business districts.

We deliver exceptional value to you, your club’s members and employees.  To ensure quality service, operational excellence and cost-control purchasing scale, we follow a detailed process when opening a new fitness center or taking over management of an existing facility.



Today, employee health is recognized as a fundamental ingredient to a company’s fiscal health. Investing in their health helps you control expenses, and it protects supports and enhances your human capital.

Healthier employees mean decreased health-care costs and absenteeism, as well as increased performance and productivity.

And since your goal is to keep your employees and your bottom line healthier, SuiteTime Fitness Management will develop solutions that are user friendly and financially smart. We start by understanding your corporate culture and financial expectations. Then we use our experience and resources to execute for maximum participation and efficiency engaging employees with programs that boost involvement, results and retention.

Suite Time Fitness Management excels in operating cost effectively while maintaining cutting-edge, service-focused fitness centers. As your fitness-center management company, we serve as ambassadors for your tenant relations by taking care of their employees’ health and wellbeing needs.


Market Segments

Corporate Fitness Center Management,

Apartments & Planned Community Fitness Center Management,

Golf & Country Club Management,

Hotel Resort & Condominium Management.